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Summer Rewind: Chamber Music Camp

Back during June, a number of our students seized the opportunity to participate in MCM's annual Summer Music Chamber Camp. Students met for daily coaching sessions from June 19th - June 24th, and performed a concert at the Schaumburg Township District Library on June 25th.

Faculty members Eun Kim, Jeanne Bae, and Brian Hoffman were on hand as coaches and collaborators throughout the week, and MCM alum, Nicholas Huang, supported from the keyboard as well. Students worked through a selection of repertoire including pieces by Haydn, Clementi, Klen

We reached out to student participants Amanda Albrecht and Yurina Takeda to hear more about their experiences through out the week. They were kind enough to share their responses

MCM: What was your favorite piece to work on and why?

AA: My favorite piece to work on was the Finale from Trio in B-flat, Hoboken XV: 20 because although some parts were a little hard, the one section in measures 33-65 where I had my solo were my most favorite parts of that piece.

YT: I liked to play all the pieces we worked on because all of the pieces were fun and the chamber team was wonderful.

MCM: Is there a new skill you gained during the week in your playing?

AA: I believe that my sight reading skills have gotten better through the week and being able to communicate and socialize with other musicians are some things that I have gained from that experience.

YT: A new skill I really gained durning the week was to communicate while playing and fixing parts not only the intonation but the dynamics of the each instruments in certain parts.

MCM: Can you describe a challenging moment for either you or the ensemble, and how you were able to work through it?

AA: When there were sections or measures that we had trouble with, whether that be ourselves or our whole group, we would work on those sections multiple times until we were able to fix the mistakes we were making.

YT: I am a cello beginner but in this summer chamber session I had a chance to play with an amazing flutist and a pianist. When there was parts I couldn’t play they understood me and that helped me a lot.

MCM: What do you think are some benefits of ensemble playing?

AA: Some benefits of ensemble playing is being able to socialize, seeing things from another musician’s perspective, and using teamwork to decide and agree on things.

YT: There is so many benefits to ensemble playing when the members are all engaged and together. You are able to learn from people around you such as techniques of your instrument and other people’s instruments. I had a very great experience playing with a woodwind instrument even though this was my first time. I was able to learn more about the flute and how they make the beautiful sound.

We're thank both students for their insight to their expereince, and all our students for participating!

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