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Thank you to everyone who participated in our weekend of December Recitals! All of your hard work and practice paid off with performances you can be proud of - congratulations! We were delighted to host at our MCM Studio for the first time, and are grateful for all of the family and friends who turned out to support and make a warm audience for our performers. 

We appreciate the time put in by our Faculty Accompanist, Young Hee Park, in supporting our students from the piano, as well as our Faculty and Friends who were able to collaborate. A big thanks to all of our MCM teachers for helping the students with their preparation, as well as to our Recital Coordinator, Emma Maupin, for all her work behind the scenes. 

December Recitals 2023

June Recital 2023

Please join us in congratulating all of our students who participated in the June Recital. We hope all students are proud of the time and energy they put into their preparation, and that they enjoyed performing for families, friends, and the Friendship Village Community!


We are grateful as always to the work put in by our recital coordinator, Emma Maupin, for organizing the afternoon, and want to extend a HUGE thank you to our piano collaborator, Young Hee Park, for supporting the students from the keyboard. We once again had some family members step up to accompany as well, which is always so fun to see - thank you for your collaboration. 

March Recitals 2023

BIG congratulations to all the students who participated in our recitals in early March! Each one of you contributed your very best for the day, and we are so proud of your performances. We also know that the residents of Friendship Village thoroughly enjoyed all of your music making. 

We couldn't have done it without our accompanists, HaeRim Yoo, Summer Baek, and Young Hee Park. We also had a good number of Friend and Family collaborators so a gracious thank you is extended to EVERYONE for their time and talent. Also, many thanks to all of our teachers for their guidance and support of each student's progress along the way. And a huge thanks goes to our recital coordinator, Emma Maupin, for all of her work organizing and preparing the performances.

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