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Midwest Conservatory of Music has a number of string instruments available as rentals. If you're interested in our rental program, please inquire @ More details and an online submittable contract are provided below:

  • 3-month Violin or Viola Rental w/ Maintenance Plan*: $64.00

  • 3-month Cello Rental w/ Maintenance Plan*: $99.00


Rental fees are due at the beginning of the rental period. A late fee of 1.50% per month will be added if the payment is not made within 30 days of the due date. 


Please make checks payable to Midwest Conservatory of Music, LLC


*Maintenance Plan: Minor repairs and adjustments EXCEPT STRINGS AND BOW HAIR, only done by Midwest Conservatory, needed for playing condition. Fatal damages to instruments are NOT COVERED, we therefore encourage you to seek out your own coverage options through your homeowners or renters insurance policies. For loss of instrument, you will be responsible for the value of merchandise.


The Midwest Conservatory Instrument Rental Program is not a rent-to-own program. Midwest Conservatory does not carry instruments for sale nor sell its rental instruments. We have a partnership with the instrument firm Colin Maki, Inc., and renters who wish to purchase an instrument may receive a credit for rental fees paid towards the purchase of a new instrument. Please inquire @ for more information.

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